Welcome to Beauty Buzz, the ultimate e-commerce video platform designed exclusively for the beauty sector.

Our mission is to help beauty brands thrive by providing innovative and effective video marketing solutions.

Increase engagement

Our platform is built on the proven power of short-form video to increase customer engagement, drive sales growth and support customers' decision-making processes. We support a full-funnel video marketing strategy that takes customers from social media platforms all the way to the product page.

Platform Modules

Our platform has two main components: the Video Platform and the Beauty Buzz Creator App. Using the platform video carousels are strategically placed on product pages to provide customers with crucial product details and tutorial videos at the point of sale. Our campaign landing pages utilize shoppable video feeds to inspire customers through trend and tutorial videos.

Beauty Content Creator App

The Beauty Buzz content creator app empowers brand managers to connect with a diverse and skilled pool of content creators.. Our app streamlines the content creation process, facilitating creative briefs, voice overs, and video approval processes. It also provides leading creators from around the world with access to state-of-the-art technology to develop videos, upload and tag products, and create captivating shoppable videos that can be directly published on your website and social media platforms.

Creative Content Production

Our platform is tailored to meet the specific needs of beauty brand and marketing managers, social media and e-commerce managers, and anyone looking to enhance their video marketing strategy. We are passionate about short-form video marketing and the video production process, and our software development team uses the latest AI technology to assist you in generating highly creative content that drives growth for your brand.

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