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Monetise Your Content on DISCOCLUB
Entertain, engage, earn.

Let’s be honest: traditional influencer marketing isn’t the content you want to create. And, it’s definitely not the content your followers want to consume.

Scripted paid posts, restrictive brand contracts, commissions that barely cover your costs… that’s not what we’re about.

DISCOCLUB is a new type of affiliate marketing platform where you can create the content you believe in, with the products you love, for the audience who know and trust you. And, you’ll earn generous commissions for high-quality videos.

Feature your choice of brands, and mix and match the products you actually use to create unique, authentic tutorials. You’ll reach an active audience of Gen Z shoppers, and you’ll be rewarded based on your engagement levels - not your follower count.

It’s content creation you control.

Ready to join the creator economy? Get in touch to find out more.